Friday, July 27, 2007

Just a beginner

This is a new adventure to me! Although I've worked with a computer for years now (and considered myself "functional" at using one - tee,hee) I have never really thought about finding a spot on the internet where I could just hang out with my kids and share thoughts. So here we begin.
If any of you want to check in here periodically it might be fun. I know you're busy with your "My Space" stuff and work and social life and work and sleeping and eating carefully and cat minding and dog sitting and friends................... BUT, if you've got a spare minute just drop me a note to let me know you're still around.


wahbiz said...

I had to sign up for one of these things just so I could comment on yours.

Didn't someone set me up with a gmail account at sometime? I have never used it, so I'm not sure what the e-mail address or password is. Feel free to share if you know.

chen said...

I'm still around and wish you were too.
God Bless

Hi-D said...

I'm still here too, Mom, wish you were.